Members' Publications

Our members have also contributed to journal publications over the years. The list below gives a flavour of the topics covered.

The Value of Patient and Public Involvement in Trial Design and Development, Clinical Oncology, 2015
Authors - S. Gasson, J. Bliss, M. Jamal-Hanjani, M. Krebs, C. Swanton, M. Wilcox
Gasson et al - PPI editorial 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [150.9 KB]
The AVALPROFS study Assessing the VALue of PROgression Free Survival
Poster presented at British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS) 2015
BPOS poster 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [257.5 KB]
Comfort Blanket or Clinical Need? The Role of Follow-up for Cancer Survivors, Clinical Oncology, 26, 10, 619–621, Oct 2014
Authors - S. Gasson, M. MacKenzie, A. Morgan, C. Morris, K. Randle, H. Stobart, L. Turner, M. Wilcox, Members of the Independent Cancer Patients' Voice (ICPV) and the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG)
Adobe Acrobat document [154.3 KB]
Chemo- and Targeted Therapy for Women with HER2 Negative (or unknown) Advanced Breast Cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline, JCO, September 10, 2014, 32 (26)
Authors include ICPV Member Maggie Wilcox.
Adobe Acrobat document [191.5 KB]
Tracking Genomic Cancer Evolution for Precision Medicine: The Lung TRACERx Study, PLoS Biol. 2014 Jul 8;12(7)
Authors include ICPV members Tom Haswell, Mairead MacKenzie and Maggie Wilcox
Adobe Acrobat document [700.8 KB]
Involving patients/donors in biobanking: get on board
CCB Lay Members Maggie Wilcox and Derek Stewart provide their thoughts on the current situation in patient involvement in biobanking
Adobe Acrobat document [373.7 KB]

Is it me or is it hot in here? A plea for more research into hot flushes

Morgan A, Fenlon DR; National Cancer Research Institute Clinical Studies Group Breast Cancer Working Party on Symptom Management

Clin. Oncol. 2013, vol. 25, pp 681-683

NCRI-CCB-Breast Cancer Campaign - Data Standard
Poster presented at NCIN 2013,
Philip Quinlan & CCB Working Group 3 (inc Helen Bulbeck & Mairead MacKenzie)
NCIN2013 - Data standard poster.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [761.9 KB]
Always Putting Patients First
ICPV members, Maggie, April, Mairead, Adrienne & Jacqui explain their work with the Tissue Bank
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
Investment Biobanking-increased returns from tissue banks, Val Spiers & Adrienne Morgan
Tissue Bank,NatureClinOnc2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [110.2 KB]
Selecting Breast Cancer Patients for Chemotherapy: The Opening of the UK OPTIMA Trial, J Bartlett et al (with Adrienne Morgan)
OPTIMA launch 2012 ClinOncol.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [437.3 KB]
Time for a low-risk DCIS trial: harnessing public and patient involvement, Leslie Fallowfield, Adele Francis, Susan Catt, Mairead MacKenzie, Valeries Jenkins
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
QUEST Trial, Breast Cancer Care Nursing Network News, June 2012, Jane Nicholson and Mairead MacKenzie
QUEST ARTICLE-Breast Cancer Care-June 20[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]
Endocrine Therapy, New Biologicals, and New Study Designs for Presurgical Studies in Breast Cancer (with Maggie Wilcox)
J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr-2011-Dowsett-1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [394.3 KB]

Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy versus whole breast radiotherapy for breast cancer (TARGIT-A): An international, prospective, randomised, noninferiority phase 3 trial

JS Vaidya et al (including A Matthews)

Lancet Vol 376 p91-102, 2011


Service User Involvement In Cancer Care: The impact on Service Users

C Morris, P Cotterell, P Beresford & G Harlow Health

Expectations Volume 14, Issue 2, pages 159–169, June 2011


Opinion: Patient Engagement

A Morgan

Cancer Nursing Practice Vol 10 No 6 p9 2011


The capacity, impact and challenge of service users’ experiential knowledge

P Cotterell and C Morris

chapter in Critical Perspectives on User Involvement. Ed. M Barnes and P Cotterell, The Policy Press, in press


It’s Good To Talk

A comparison of a telephone helpline and website for cancer information.

R Hardyman, P Hardy, J Brody, R Stephens

Journal of Patient Education and Counselling, Vol 57, 2005





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VOICE 2022

We are pleased to announce that the VOICE course will be residential and held at Barts Cancer Centre from 4-8 Sept. Click here for further details.


OPTIMA is a patient driven clinical study for people with hormone sensitive early breast cancer. 

OPTIMA aims to improve the way we make decisions about whom we offer chemotherapy to following surgery.
Check the website link for more information or listen to the short video to explain the trial.


Immunology Talk

On the 25th March we held an interactive talk and discussion on immunology.

The talk was given by Dr Edd James, Cancer Immunologist from the university of Southampton. The tallk is now available on YouTube - click here to listen. 


Long Term Survivor Study 

Continuum Life Sciences are looking for volunteers who have survived aggressive, difficult to treat cancer against all odds to take part in their Long-Term Survivor of Cancer Study. For more information and how you can join go to their website.


Save the planet and donate to ICPV - send ecards go tour Fundraising page for mor information.

FAST-Forward Trial Results

A one-week course of radiotherapy in fewer but larger daily doses was found to be as safe and effective as standard three-week therapy for women following surgery for early stage breast cancer. Trial results now published. Two ICPV members provided the PPI for this key trial. Full details can be found on the ICR Website.

ICPV Brighton Summer School Aug 2019

ICPV was once again hosted by SHORE-C at the University of Sussex. Click here for more info.

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, 2018

ICPV member Pat Fairbrother attended this event on an Alamo Foundation Scholarship. Click here to read her review.

Gap Analysis in Breast Surgery Published

The 2013 Breast Cancer Campaign gap analysis established breast cancer research priorities without a specific focus on surgical research or the role of surgeons on breast cancer research. This Review aims to identify opportunities and priorities for research in breast surgery to complement the 2013 gap analysis. Click here for more information

ICPV Review 2018
We have at last published a new edition of our review. This was achieved by a grant from Novartis. Click here for more information. 

Award for ICPV Member

Many congratulations to ICPV member Margaret Grayson. On 21 April 2018 she received the Iris Colvin Lifetime Achievement Award for Health, presented by the Women’s Forum of Northern Ireland. This is very well deserved for her tireless work in furthering cancer research especially in Northern Ireland.

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