As well as providing input on clinical studies, ICPV members respond to consultations on other aspects of cancer care and research, helping to ensure that the patient perspective is taken on board in all of these consultations.


Recent consultation include:

Biobanks - POST Note, July 2014
Biobanks are repositories of biological samples, physical measurements and outcome and behavioural data collected for research, clinical practice or public health monitoring. Most biobanks are established to investigate the common determinants of mortality and morbidity. This briefing updates POSTnote 180 and summarises biobank activity in the UK and the legal, ethical and practical issues.
POST-PN-473 (2).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [330.8 KB]

Genomics England, 24 March 2014


A group of patients advocates from ICPV, NCRI, Cancer52, and Cancer of Unknown Primary recently held a discussion with Genomics England to help clarify the current developments and look at ways of raising awareness of the need for tissue and data. A summary of the discussion can be downloaded below.

Notes from meeting with Genomics England[...]
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NICE Guidelines on Familial Breast Cancer

ICPV has recently become a stakeholder for NICE. This enable us to directly comment on and proposed changes in cancer treatment.

We have just submitted our comments on the Familial Breast Cancer (Update) Guidelines. One of the proposals in this update was the recommendation to be able to offer Tamoxifen for chemoprevention for some high risk categories. This is soemthing we fully support.

The result of this consultation should be published in June 2013

Confederation of Cancer Biobanks

National Cancer Research Institute's (NCRI) Confederation of Cancer Biobanks (CCB) is a consortium of organisations based in the UK that are involved in the development, management and use of biobank resources for cancer research. It was launched in 2006 and the secretariat is provided by NCRI.

The Confederation aims to promote and disseminate a collective view on best practices for biobanks and to promote transfer of knowledge and experiences between banks.

They recently asked us to comment on some issues that affect patients.

More information on the CCB can be found at

UKCCB Lay Comments.pdf
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Clinical Research in the NHS



This report has been co-produced by 11 services users working together as a 'roundtable.' In December 2010, an event for service users actively involved in oncology clinical studies in the UK was facilitated by GSK and subsequently this report has been drafted and amended using electronic discussion. The service users presented the report to Earl Howe, the Undersecretary of State for Health, in January 2011.

Adobe Acrobat document [80.5 KB]

Cancer Reform Strategy

Independent Cancer Patients Voice has contributed to a review of the Cancer Reform Strategy (CRS) being conducted by Professor Sir Mike Richards following a request from the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley MP, and the Minister of State for Care Services, Paul Burstow MP. The review aims to ensure that we have the right strategy, subject to deliver improved survival rates for cancer.

Through our active Google group we circulated to our members links to the Government White Paper consultation documents.

Following a preliminary discussion on the Google group, we organised an event in late August 2010. We used the Knowledge Café model to manage the sharing of information and one of our members acted as facilitator to keep the discussion moving. Another member acted as scribe.

From this day, a draft document was prepared which also included written contributions from members who couldn't be present. The draft document was circulated and then discussed at a further meeting of our members. The final document was distilled from that final discussion and written comments on the draft.

Adobe Acrobat document [436.5 KB]

Academy of Medical Sciences

In 2010, the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) was commissioned by Government to undertake an independent review of the regulation and governance of UK medical research.

We responded to a call from the AMS to respond to proposals in the Department of Health’s report on arm’s-length bodies (ALB report) with direct relevance to the regulation of medical research.

We submitted a detailed response. We welcomed the proposals for streamlining regulation and governance of research, including the reduced bureaucracy involved in gaining ethical approval for clinical trials but we were careful to draw attention to public anxiety over data protection issues as public confidence is of the utmost importance.

We underlined the need for continued enhancement and ring-fencing of funds and resources for medical research. We called for a more balanced assessment by NICE of drugs which become available through research with appropriate weighting given to the views of specialist panel members. Patients who take part in research need to know that any resulting new treatment will be fairly assessed for use in the NHS as well as being available privately.

We ended by reinforcing the importance of bodies such as the NCRI/NCRN, Local Cancer Networks, MDTs, SSGs, CPRGs, Peer Review, Cancer Action Team and the All Parliament Cancer Group. All of these groups actively encourage and facilitate patient involvement in cancer research but they need to be properly resourced. We support the implementation of the recommendations of the AMS Report.


To read the full report go to Academy of Medical Sciences

UK Clinical Trials Gateway

ICPV members have been involved in discussion during the development of the UK Clinical Trials Gateway, a new online resource providing comprehensive information about clinical trials in the UK. The Gateway is designed to help both the public and clinicians locate and contact trials. It is an important new addition to the resources available via NHS Evidence.

Professor Dame Sally C Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, explains: “Phase 2 of the UK Clinical Trials Gateway increases transparency in research and makes it easier for patients, their doctors and carers, friends and families to see what clinical trials are taking place, what each trial is about, where it is taking place and who is running it.”

The Gateway is designed to be simple to use. An important aspect is the availability of lay summaries, making the trial information much more accessible to patients, trialists and non-technical readers. This helps the Government meet its commitment to increasing information about studies and will ensure that more patients are made aware of research that is of particular relevance to them.

Go to to use the UK Clinical Trials Gateway. We strongly endorse this initiative. Only 14 per cent of adult cancer patients enter into clinical trials. Research could make much faster progress if the number of patients entering trials could be increased.


AllTrials logo


VOICE 2022

We are pleased to announce that the VOICE course will be residential and held at Barts Cancer Centre from 4-8 Sept. Click here for further details.


OPTIMA is a patient driven clinical study for people with hormone sensitive early breast cancer. 

OPTIMA aims to improve the way we make decisions about whom we offer chemotherapy to following surgery.
Check the website link for more information or listen to the short video to explain the trial.


Immunology Talk

On the 25th March we held an interactive talk and discussion on immunology.

The talk was given by Dr Edd James, Cancer Immunologist from the university of Southampton. The tallk is now available on YouTube - click here to listen. 


Long Term Survivor Study 

Continuum Life Sciences are looking for volunteers who have survived aggressive, difficult to treat cancer against all odds to take part in their Long-Term Survivor of Cancer Study. For more information and how you can join go to their website.


Save the planet and donate to ICPV - send ecards go tour Fundraising page for mor information.

FAST-Forward Trial Results

A one-week course of radiotherapy in fewer but larger daily doses was found to be as safe and effective as standard three-week therapy for women following surgery for early stage breast cancer. Trial results now published. Two ICPV members provided the PPI for this key trial. Full details can be found on the ICR Website.

ICPV Brighton Summer School Aug 2019

ICPV was once again hosted by SHORE-C at the University of Sussex. Click here for more info.

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, 2018

ICPV member Pat Fairbrother attended this event on an Alamo Foundation Scholarship. Click here to read her review.

Gap Analysis in Breast Surgery Published

The 2013 Breast Cancer Campaign gap analysis established breast cancer research priorities without a specific focus on surgical research or the role of surgeons on breast cancer research. This Review aims to identify opportunities and priorities for research in breast surgery to complement the 2013 gap analysis. Click here for more information

ICPV Review 2018
We have at last published a new edition of our review. This was achieved by a grant from Novartis. Click here for more information. 

Award for ICPV Member

Many congratulations to ICPV member Margaret Grayson. On 21 April 2018 she received the Iris Colvin Lifetime Achievement Award for Health, presented by the Women’s Forum of Northern Ireland. This is very well deserved for her tireless work in furthering cancer research especially in Northern Ireland.

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